Nathan Wiens Container
Virtually No Odor
Sprayed, brushed or rolled, H2Pro introduces an aerosol and gallon system that has virtually no odor when applied. This revolutionary new feature allows for easy aerosol maintenance to take place in areas previously problematic, such as confined spaces, and areas populated with people.
Sticks To Anything
Introducing a spray paint that adheres to metal, galvanized steel, wood, plastic, cement, tile and more! With H2Pro, you can now spray paint in places you previously couldn't by using H2Pro for all your other coating jobs indoors and outdoors.
Store It Anywhere
The Level 1 Storage Assignment by standards means H2Pro Spray Paint can be stored anywhere, alongside pens & paper. Check your local AHJ requirements.
Perfect Results Every Time
Amazing self-leveling qualities that help prevent runs, drips, and sags on vertical and horizontal surfaces. As a result, this coating is fool-proof, saving you from mistakes caused by overspraying and allowing you to build a high mil thickness.
Matching Gallons & Aerosols
Gallons are ideal for large jobs, but spray paint makes touch up quick and easy. H2Pro's gallons and aerosols have the same formula so the colors are a perfect match.
Ultra High Gloss
H2Pro has 43% more gloss compared to gloss aerosols paints. The ultra high gloss keeps your surfaces clean longer and makes needed clean up easier.
Water-Based & Rust Preventative
H2Pro is the first true industrial water-based aerosol, with the rust-preventative performance that the Rust-Oleum brand is known for. H2Pro contains up to 30% water, compared to less than 10% water from competing water-based aerosols (based on internal testing).